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The State-Of-The-Art and
State-Of-The-Science Knowledge

Effective Leadership Traits

  • The independent thinker traits that
    • apply critical thinking skills and emotional intelliegence in decision making
  • The born-leader natural traits that
    • tap into the in-born personality character traits and intuitions

Emotional Intelligence Traits

  • Personal Competence:
    • the ability to recognize, monitor and channel our own emotions
    • integrate both emotions and rationales into decision making
  • Social Competence:
    • the ability to acknowledge, reflect and respond to other's emotions
    • incorporate the essence of other's emotions and prudent judgment in conflict resolution

Functional Teamwork Traits

  • Acknowledge the importance of division of labor
    • in cooperation, collaboration and cohersion
  • The ability to recognize and organize
    • the parts from the whole

Relationship Traits

  • The ability to recognize, acknowledge, accept oothers as is without judgment
    • integrate, embrace and cherish the similarities and differences as unique individuals

Natural and Nurtured Traits

  • Natural Traits:
    • tap into the in-born traits that were endowed to us
    • acknowledge the uniqueness of these traits in each of us
    • do not attempt to change those traits in others
      • this is what cause most of the world's problems for others
      • mind your own business!
  • Nurtured Traits:
    • the ability to move our natural traits to the next level
    • extend into the natural ability to break the envelope

Happiness and Life Satisfaction Traits

  • Recognize what we can do and cannot do
    • work within the parameters of our abilities
      • form healthy expectations in life

Holistic Self-Discovery Traits

  • The visionary ability to integrate the parts and the whole
    • see the "forest" as well as the "trees"
      • separate the self from others
        • yet embrace self and others as a bigger whole