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Applied Research: Applying the Basic Know-How to the Real-World


  • Research in quantifying the characteristic traits of leaders and
  • how  they apply to the real-world as true leaders

Emotional Intelligence

  • Research in characterizing what are the components of emotional intelligence
  • how  emotional intelligence affects our behavior and chance of success in life


  • Research in team-building, cooperation and collaboration in human relations and
  • how  they apply in the business world to form a functional/healthy organization

Human Relationships

  • Research in the factors contribute to human relationship building and
  • how  these factors can help establish lasting/satisfying relationships


  • Research in applying how natural character traits in human be nurtured and
  • how  they can help us better function in this world and
  • how environmental conditions can work against us if they are opposing to our nature

Happiness and Life Satisfaction

  • Research in quantifying what make us happy and
  • how  these factors contribute to our life satisfaction

Holistic Self-Discovery

  • Research in bridging the mind and the brain and
  • how they give us the sense of whole