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Application: Practical Application in the Real-World Environment


  • Apply the characteristic traits of leaders in the real-world environment
    • and develop excellence and success in leading an organization and personal life..

Emotional Intelligence

  • Apply the skills and awareness of emotional intelligence
    • in the business world to function more effectively


  • Apply the team-building know-hows in the business to succeed and
    • in the personal world to form bonding


  • Apply the factors contribute to building human relationships and
    • apply the relationship skills to maintain a satisfying healthy relationship


  • Apply how to tap into natural character traits and
    • nurture them instead of working against them

Happiness and Life Satisfaction

  • Apply the secrets of what make us happy and
    • use  these factors to bring us satisfaction in life

Holistic Self-Discovery

  • Apply the connections between the mind and the brain and
    • use them to bring us the sense of whole and meaning in life